Economics and Investing:

Jasper found this item from the McClatchy News Service for us: Regulatory reports show 5 biggest banks face huge losses. Here is a key quote: Citibank, Bank of America, HSBC Bank USA, Wells Fargo Bank and J.P. Morgan Chase reported that their “current” net loss risks from derivatives — insurance-like bets tied to a loan or other underlying asset — surged to $587 billion as of Dec. 31. Buried in end-of-the-year regulatory reports that McClatchy has reviewed, the figures reflect a jump of 49 percent in just 90 days. Hmmmm… “Derivatives.” Where have I heard that word before?

DD sent is this: Buffett: The economy has ‘fallen off a cliff’, Investor tells CNBC unemployment level could climb a lot higher

Susan Z. forwarded this: Michael Kosares: Gold coin shortage likely to become chronic

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