Two Letters Re: Storing Food Without Refrigeration

James Wesley;
Cruising World magazine’s January 2009 Issue has a valuable article on food storage without refrigeration. It includes downloadable charts in PDF format. I would recommend that anyone not certain of the long-term power grid operation might want to take a look at these charts which list the specific food (everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to canned goods), the best way to store without refrigeration, the expected shelf life of the food, and informative notes. The article, by Beth A. Leonard, is titled: “Cruising without the Fridge: Stowage charts for provisions to help you have fresh food for your passages”. It was originally from “Hands-On Sailor” Dec 15, 2008. Regards, – CJA

Hi there
Great site you have – very informative. As a South African, now resident in the USA – I just want to point folks’ attention to a very simple method of meat preservation, which I’ve done regularly while here in the US. All it requires is: vinegar, salt, pepper, and coriander (for the bare basic version). This creates a South African delicacy called biltong – which has been used since the 1600s by farmers, as a way of preserving and storing meat.

Here’s a link to a series of entries, along with pictures, on Chowhound
, showing the very simple process of making biltong. Cheers, –