Economics and Investing:

Video clip from Australia: Jim Rogers calls is straight on the MOAB, economic recovery, switching to tangible assets, and buying productive farmland. Rogers: “Yes, we are going to have another depression in the United States.”

Thanks to FloridaGuy for this: Pontiac, Michigan may lay off all school teachers

GG sent a link to an Ambrose Evans-Pritchard video interview on the rush into gold over “high degree of fear” regarding hyperinflation and economic collapse

From R.S.R.: Statistician Says US Joblessness Near Depression Highs (19.1%)

Items from The Economatrix:

Gunmakers and Retailers Post Strong Sales Increases

World Stock Markets Fell Again (Monday)

Next Shoe to Drop for US Jobseekers: Lower Wages

Japan Leads the World Into Depression

Evans-Pritchard: Dow 4,000 By Summer is Possible

The End Of The World…As We Knew It

Forget the 1930s, We are Facing 1917

Shining Through the Darkness
(The Mogambo Guru)

Top Republicans Call for GM to Declare Bankruptcy

Recession Finds Even Those with Jobs Losing Pay

Washington Prepares for Big Bank Failure

Stocks Turn Lower as Investors Battle Economic Uncertainty