Economics and Investing:

Bill N. sent this very observant piece: Gold, Spam, and Ruger vs the S&P 500.Bill notes “This is an interesting article, it even has a graph at the end comparing the S&P 500, gold, Hormel (makers of Spam), and Ruger Firearms for the last year.”

Insurance giant AIG (now 80% US government owned, thanks to a $125 billion bailout with taxpayer funds) is not out of the woods yet. Asset values are continuing to decline, creating more credit default swap (CDS) derivatives counterparty risk. $300 billion in assets have already been affected. For some details, see this Wall Street Journal article Top U.S., European Banks Got $50 Billion in AIG Aid

Robert B. mentioned this piece by Richard Daughty (aka The Mogambo Guru): Golden Butter on Inflation Toasted Dollars. Robert notes: “Recent comments in the media note that the current DJIA is at its lowest since 1997. But it’s worse than that. Mogambo Guru quotes Bob Chapman: … “since 1997, real inflation, as opposed to ridiculously understated official inflation, has raged at a minimum of 8% annually, and has soared as high as 14-16%. This means that you have lost a minimum of two thirds of your 1997 purchasing power”,…. It seems to me then, that the current DJIA is actually only one-third the level of 1997. In a word, “Yikes!”

DS spotted this: Gandhara is Latest [Hedge] Fund to Die. Since October of 1997, I’ve been predicting that there will be successive quarterly waves of hedge fund failures and redemption suspensions. I stand by that prediction. There are many more to come!

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