Two Letters Re: Voting With Your Feet–Comparing Economic Freedom in the 50 States


When I read that academic study of economic freedom in the various states, and saw the summary map, it was a strong piece of “ah-ha” confirmation for me. It immediately struck me that what a close correlation there is to what you had posted two years ago in your State Rankings on places to move with the best retreat potential. [in 19 western states.] Independently, you nailed those recommendations squarely, sir. Bonus Brownie points for you! Wishing You The Lord’s Blessings, – Ted J.

I read through the PDF that you mention in your “Voting with your feet” post . Today’s prisoners could be tomorrow’s Golden Hordes. I recently saw this in the Wall Street Journal. Prison Population of a few states. The report also noted huge discrepancies among the states in regard to the total corrections population — one of every 13 adults in Georgia and one of every 18 in Idaho at one end of the scale, one of every 88 in New Hampshire at the other extreme.” – Jonathan