Aids to Mapping Your G.O.O.D. Routes

Mr. Rawles,
I appreciate everything you do to keep everyone working toward preparing. To that end I would like to supplement your notes with a product I have been using for a few weeks now that have greatly improved my Get Out of Dodge (G.O.O.D.) plans.

Along with US Geological maps I have used the excellent Delorme Atlas and Gazetteer to plan my back road escape routes. Recently I found that they now offer ($29.95 plus the cost of the software) an “all you can use” annual subscription to their entire map collection in digital format.

Unfortunately you do need software (Topo USA or XMap) to utilize this product but many hikers use this software so it is not a “one trick” software product. With the software you can trace routes and save them for printing and uploading to the Delorme GPSes. Software is pretty complicated so I recommend setting aside some time to learn it to get the most utilization.

These innovations have significantly improved my escape plans with alternate and fall back routes. Aside from the GPS routes I have printed out high resolution color maps using iGage water proof laser paper.

Once you have timed the routes in various traffic conditions. Put a detailed map copy in each BOV and another in the family BOB. These give us options, as well as providing the all-important putting a plan in writing step.

One Tip: The departure rush from major sporting events [at large sports venues] are not bad for simulating the traffic snarls in an emergency. you can improve your options to lock down agreed upon routes.

Regards, – JNC