Economics and Investing:

Vicki sent us a bit of video mirth to cheer us up, since there is more bad economic news to come: Taxpayers Clearinghouse Prize Patrol – Yes We Can!

Thanks to OSOM for this: Marc Faber goes survivalist (as quoted in Bloomberg). “The best bet for investors may be to buy a farm and escape from the cities, as a prolonged recession could lead to war, as the Great Depression did.”

From Bill in Ohio: The D-word: Will recession become something worse?

From reader HPD: Bernanke Says U.S. May Need to Expand Bank Rescue. (Yea, the girth of the great MOAB groweth, mightily.” )

Also from HPD: Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout. What does this mean? An even bigger MOAB?

Items from The Economatrix:

Fed Launches $200 Billion Credit Program

Ford, Toyota Sales Plunge as Slump Continues

Taxpayers Hit by Expanding AIG Black Hole

Freddie Mac Chief Resigns After Five Months

Experts Predict Dow Will Hit 5,000

Pension Bombs Going Off

Jim Rogers Buys Land, Starts Farming

Celente: The Greatest Depression is Underway

Ukraine Risks Unrest as Ills Worsen

Off the Scales

Poll: Americans Losing Sleep Over Economic Woes

Oil Could Fall to $25 a Barrel in Three Months

Consumer Spending Rises in January; Not Expected to Last