Letter Re: The Risk to Reward Ratio in Getting Concealed Carry Permits

Greetings –
Regarding non-resident concealed weapon permits [recently mentioned in SurvivalBlog], folks should be very careful. Anyone thinking of doing this should consult a lawyer or carefully read their home state’s firearms laws. In many states, another state’s concealed firearm permit is invalid if you are a resident of the state [in which you do not have a CCW permit.] In other words, if you live in Georgia, Georgia may have a law that says your Florida non-resident permit is invalid for concealed carry in Georgia, because as a Georgia resident, you must have a permit issued by Georgia. Consult your state’s laws before relying on Florida non-resident permit reciprocity to keep you legal.

Also, be advised that some states are starting to modify their reciprocity agreements. Wyoming just did this…their Attorney General has issued an opinion that reciprocity only works if the disqualification and other permit criteria matches between states. For example, if Wyoming has more strict disqualification criteria for a permit than some other state, that state’s permits are will not be honored even though they might have been honored in the past. regards, – JT in Michigan