Letter Re: Advice on Contact Lenses

Mr. Rawles

I’ve worn contact lenses for all of my adult life. On your published advice, I’ve also bought two pair of inexpensive glasses, from LBEeyeware–a company mentioned in SurvivalBlog That was great advice. ($23 per pair, complete? You can’t beat that!) The glasses are the correct prescription, but after so many years of wearing contacts, glasses feel downright “clunky” to me. I worry about breaking them, much more than I ever worried about losing or tearing a contact. My question is: What should I do about spare contact lenses and solutions? Should I skip them–and just plan to wear glasses when the “Schumer Hits the Fan”–or, should I stock up? Thanks for your amazing web site and great books. I’m taking the 10 Cent Challenge! you can expect my payment in silver dimes, ASAP! – Pat in Georgia

JWR Replies: Thanks for bringing up a topic that I’ve meant to address for quite some time. If you feel more comfortable wearing contacts, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t stock up on spare disposable soft contacts and extra bottles of saline and cleaning solutions. Just one proviso: Do not try to “stretch” your supply by going longer between discarding sets of contacts. Getting an eye infection would be tragic, especially in the midst of a disaster. Once you’ve used up your contact lens supplies, just switch to wearing your eyeglasses.

One excellent source for very inexpensive contact lenses and supplies is 1800CONTACTS.com. Since they are a SurvivalBlog affiliate advertiser, we get a little piece of the action when you place an order, if you use our link to their site. So this is a good way to both get prepared, and to help support SurvivalBlog. Thanks!