Letter Re: Preparing for Pole Shift?

Mr. Rawles,
I have been trying to find out more about the consequences of a polar shift, particularly the effects it will have on the Great Lakes Region. I know that no one really knows what will happen, but everything I’ve seen points to something really really bad. If possible could you post what knowledge you may have on the subject on SurvivalBlog?
Thank you, – Scott from Michigan

JWR Replies: Rapid pole shift is a little more than an unsupported theory, touted mainly by the Art Bell crowd. In my opinion it should be one of the least of your worries. Even if rapid magnetic pole reversal does happen (and there is far more evidence that very gradual pole movement is what actually occurs), it might be a “once in 100,000 years” event. Instead of concentrating on that, you should get ready for a major economic depression, which is demonstrably a “once-every-few-generations” event. And, BTW, a depression seems to be unfolding now, right before our eyes. Also consider what you’ll need to do to be ready for a pandemic influenza. Such pandemics are more likely “once-every-few-generations” events.