Letter Re: Will the War in Georgia Trigger a Russian Ammo Import Ban?

Hello James,
I have been an avid reader of your novel and SurvivalBlog for about six months now, and I have to echo the sentiment of many other readers–that it has given me a desperately needed focus and sense of purpose. The increased threat of TEOTWAWKI was clear in my mind, and prior to finding your blog, I just had anxiety and was confused over what actions I should be taking t protect my family. I was like a deer in the headlights. Now it is a whole different story. I have stopped wasting money on non-essential items (sodas at restaurants, for example – my kids even request water now.). I have started to gather tangibles. Bullets, Beans and soon Band-Aids.

My comment for this email is based on a rumor I heard at a gun show this weekend. The gentleman who was selling me ammo (from a very large ammo wholesaler) stated that Wolf brand ammo and all other Russian ammo like Brown Bear, may be threatened by a Bush embargo as a political protest to the Russia’s Georgian War.

I hesitated to mention this as it is best to have an orderly flow in the market place and not panic, but as with the Iraq war I & II, I watched ammo prices almost double. Another war, especially involving an ammo producing country like Russia, will only make prices increase more, IMHO.

As I type this I have already seen .223 go over $240 per 1,000 and 7.62×39 is quickly approaching $200 per 1,000. Wal-Mart just raised prices last weekend on 12 gauge and .22 caliber. What was priced at $11.50 is now $13.50. Best Regards, – Robert D.