Letter Re: Using 20mm Ammo Cans as Contingency Caches

Hi Jim,
After reading “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” a second time (and this time tabbing the pages) and making note of the ROTC cadet’s story, I acquired some 20mm-sized ammo cans. I thought I’d put together at least one contingency box [for an underground cache], in the event of losing everything else, due to being overrun by bad guys, etc.

First off, instead of pavement/roadway emulsion, I took two of these cans to a Line-X [spray-on bed liner] shop, to have them painted with their material. They were happy to help, since they were shooting a metal surface with the stuff, and not plastic or fabric.

Here’s my list so far, for one can. Some of this is stuff that I have excess quantities:

-One AUS-8 Stainless Recon Tanto knife (I have a bunch of other knives, along with some in Carbon V steel, that I’m currently keeping for barter)
-One Swiss Army knife
-Toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpaste.
-One one-quart canteen with purification tablets
-One two-serving Mountain House meal (I was considering an MRE, but there’s too much candy and excess packaging. Also, an MRE may not store for as long .)
-Lighter and matches
-One earth-tone set of T-shirt, underwear, and socks
-50 rds. .22 rimfire ammo
-50 rds. 9mm Parabellum ammo

And if I can fit them: One 10 rd. box of 12 gauge shotgun shells, and / or a pair of combat boots. Regards, – Jerry E.