Letter Re: Flexibility and Adaptability

Just discovered your site. You have lots of useful information, but I have noticed a few points that may have been overlooked, or that I haven’t gotten to [in the Archives] yet.

1. Off road or utility motorcycles: I feel safe to discuss this,being a former off road racer! A 4 stroke bike is the way to go,it gets 4 to 5 times the gas mileage. A big 2 stroke will smoke anything that can fit thru the woods but sucks gas like a maniac. My [two stroke] race bike was lucky to get 5 mpg–a 500 cc Husqvarna. For trail use, ease of handling, and easy for a novice rider. Go to Pep Boys and get a couple of the 100cc [four stroke] trail bikes .Cheap, easy to ride and learn, and great gas mileage. Get a trailer, not just for the bikes, but for everything else. As a last resort you can ditch your main ride, and ride the bikes.

2. Electric power: I also feel safe to discuss this topic,as my father owned a Recreational Vehicle (RV) dealership! All of the RVs had a “three way” refrigerator,12 volt DC, propane, and 110 volt. They also owned a place in Mexico, way out of the town proper, with solar power. Why not use those cheap little solar lights that you use along the sidewalk for lighting?

3. All heck breaks loose, no time to run: I always’ stock up on any sales at the grocery store. Canned food,”10 for $2″ or whatever, hot dogs on the 4th of july, turkeys around Thanksgiving, whatever fits in my deep freeze. Also, I always keep water bottles in the deep freeze, not only for the water, but should the power fail, you have instant huge ice blocks to maintain it a bit longer. Living in Arizona, water is a more required item, than comfort. I have a small jacuzzi, which can be used just to cool off when it hits 110 degrees here, as it does often. It holds 400 gallons. I wouldn’t use it for drinking or cooking, but it makes the day a lot more comfy [since it can be used for bathing and toilet flushing]

4. Tools: As a machinist, I think I have two of every tool known to mankind! Learn to use them, properly. An improperly used tool won’t last long. A screwdriver is not a chisel, and a chisel is not a screwdriver. You may never have a chance to find another 9/16″ wrench for a while, so buy quality tools, use them right. The same logic applies with chainsaws, generators, and whatever. You may need to rely on them more than you believe. As an off-road motorcycle racer, I have!

5. Think outside the box: A Marine Corp #1 rule: improvise! I was in a [long distance off-road] race in Mexico, and got a front flat tire. I was pretty much out of the race, right? Wrong! I stuffed the front tire full of weeds grass, and twigs, zip tied the tire to the rim, and rode slowly to the pit stop. I ended up placing second in the race. The moral of the story? Nothing is impossible! You just haven’t thought of the solution yet!

Okay, I’m done ranting. Thanks for your site. It is very informative – Dean