Letter Re Preparing for a Dam Breach

Howdy Mr. Rawles,
The article written by A.B.S. is very well written and gives one a lot to think about. There is an item for one’s Bug Out Bag (BOB) that I find useful in flood prone scenarios, but is rarely mentioned: A Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

A PFD or ‘life jacket’ for each member of your party with their BOB in flood prone areas or situations is cheap insurance to keep you afloat. Granted, when you are in the drink, things are already going wrong, but staying afloat would be a key to staying alive!

Also do not forget to make sure that each PFD fits the intended wearer correctly. For the children one of those PFDs that keep them face up should they find themselves in the water will give the parents peace of mind. Love the blog and the books! Wishing You 73s – ZA