Letter Re: Advice for a Concerned Investor

Greetings, Jim,
I looked at your research list under “Investing”. I have read much of it, and it doesn’t help me in my immediate concern. The sites on this list are good either for big-time or experienced investors, or they deal with specifics such as buying gold.

Where can I get overall, what-to-do-immediately-today, type of advice for the small guy. Say someone has one or two small businesses with maybe $20,000 in checking and another $2,000 in Savings (all in a bank). What to do? Where to keep the money? Is offshore a possibility? Recommended? Anyplace where I can still get a couple of percentage points of interest? Or put 100% in gold? (then how do I eat?).

I’m looking for the quick ‘n dirty answer such as your one-liner: “…get your beans, bullets and band-aids organized before investing…”

I’m getting real nervous, Jim. Thanks, – A.N.

JWR Replies:
Keeping in mind my proviso about getting your beans, bullets and band-aids organized before investing anything extra, you might consider
If you need interest income, put your available cash in a relatively safe, inflation-indexed investment vehicle such as US Treasury TIPS.


If you don’t need to rely on interest income, your money is far safer in tangible silver bullion. (Such as pre-1965 mint date non-numismatic (“junk”) circulated US silver dimes, quarters, or half dollars. Readers in other countries should buy the equivalent (such as pre-1953 Australian silver coins, in Australia), or perhaps generic one-ounce .999 fine silver “rounds”.

The recent price correction in silver represents a great buying opportunity, before the bull market resumes its charge.