Letter Re: The SurvivalBlog Ten Cent Challenge


This is a note to follow up on the envelope that I mailed you last week, for my first year of 10 Cent Challenge subscription. (I’m the guy that sent you a stack of ’bout $70 worth of Liberty [Bell “Forever” US] postage stamps and the newspaper clipping on the IndyMac bank run. You were right in your prediction about bank runs!) I just want to let you know how much your blog means to me. I read it almost every day. It is amazing how much practical knowledge you have passed on to us readers. I am very grateful! You’ve raised my awareness by a mile, and what I’ve read [in SurvivalBlog] has saved me from making some mega-costly mistakes in my preparedness. Those two things by themselves are more than enough justification for pitching in my ten cents a day.

Your economic predictions have been spot on–almost eerie! I like your blog so much that I put a graphical link to SurvivalBlog down at the bottom of my e-mail template, so I can be an Ambassador for SurvivalBlog. I think that your blog is “just right”as a mix of education, motivation, practical and old-time skills, tactical goodies, news summaries, and inspiration. Don’t change a thing sir, just keep it coming!

Please let the Memsahib know–she is in our prayers for a quick and complete recovery. I know that hospital bills can be insane these days. I hope my subscription helps a bit.- T.G., in northwestern Nevada