Letter Re: Marginal Cartridges Without Proper Placement Fail to Stop an Aggressor

If you ever wanted graphic proof of the lethal supremacy of the 7.62mm NATO round over the 5.56mm, a recent thread from M4Carbine.net is the argument stopper! (Be forewarned, these documents have graphic pictures of the wounds to the deceased Bad Guy taken at the Coroner’s.) This FBI study of a police and SWAT shooting incident shows in graphic clarity why training (shot placement under stress) and superior ballistics are so important in a fire fight, especially a fight where your aggressor is determined and motivated for the fight. The subject (a determined street thug) took more than 17 direct body hits, with several broken bones as a result, before the LEOs were able to wrestle him into cuffs and restraints! All of these hits were from the respected .40 S&W pistol round and several from 5.56mm Hornady TAP rounds (both 55 gr. and 75 gr.), supposedly the “Holy Grail” cartridge of AR-15 defensive ammo, for some. One could only wonder what a TAP round (Nosler Ballistic Tip-type) in .308 would have done to stop the fight?

Sadly, the key [factor identified by this study] is shot placement. None of the over 100 ROUNDS FIRED were hits to the body into vital organs. If they were, I bet even the 5.56mm TAP rounds would have put the aggressor down, but not as quickly as a powerful, higher mass, .308 round would, I’m sure.

Also, keep in mind that the man was shot several times while laying on the ground (continuing to fight, I might add), so the 1” penetration claims of the .40 S&W round could be due to the round traveling under the skin, as the study is not clear in this area. They are clear about the impossibility of only a 1” penetration with mushrooming when directed into body mass, however. Here is the direct link to the PDF: Regards, – Rmplstlskn