Letter Re: Learning from the Price of Canned Tuna

Hi Jim,
A while back on the blog you had a letter from a reader regarding the price increases that are coming down the pike (pun intended) for tuna. I was in a Wal-Mart the other day, and it looks like those increases are coming sooner rather than later.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a bunch of Wal-Mart house brand tuna packed in oil, 6 ounce cans, for $0.53 per can. Yesterday, I was in Wal-Mart again, and the same product is now $0.74 per can. That is a price increase of 39% in a fortnight! I’m happy to say that I laid in my three year supply (over 300 cans, mostly from Costco) before the price jump. Thanks for your counsel on this.

I have been stocking up on everything, because I figure it’s not going to get any cheaper. I have amassed in two months, starting from no food storage, a 1-year supply of “regular” rotatable food, and a three year supply of 30-year storable food. It wasn’t easy or cheap, the time required was like having a half-time job for the last two months) but I did it. I strongly encourage everyone to stock up now, while there is still food to be had. All of the major [long term storage food] canneries are running on 8 to 12 week backlogs. And I think those will only get worse as the number of people who decide to start preparing increases. Best, – A.L.