Two Letters Re: The Five Minute Bank Run

Dear Mr. Rawles,
Read the letter from W.D. in Texas with great interest. I have been a recent visitor to your blog and read the postings on the banking system with great interest – and shared them with immediate family. As a Florida resident, even though in the less vulnerable northeastern part of the state, it is prudent to be ready for adverse weather as the ATMs and banks could be closed in an emergency. Good luck trying to get cash at that point in time.

I strongly suspect that most people nationwide have about as much cash on hand as they do ammunition – in other words very little. A weather related or other emergency will likely catch most of the sheeple unprepared. The articles in your blog have hit home with me. I visited a branch of my local credit union and withdrew several thousand to supplement cash already on hand. I certainly didn’t get the runaround W.D. in Texas got but I did have the senior teller come out to approve the transaction and ask why I wanted so much cash. While tempted to politely reply that it was none of her business, I mentioned coming into a bit of an inheritance (truth) with plans to share (also true but not via this withdrawal).
My credit union hires local off-duty police officers for on-site security. The police officer watched me as I departed – no doubt alerted by the bank staff. Oh, I forgot to mention: I also withdrew $20 in nickels! I’m planning to do that every week or two.

My wife has been very understanding of many of my other preps as well. Thank the Lord for this wonderful woman! I am also very blessed by your advice and that of other contributors to your blog. Sincerely, – Jay in .Northeast Florida


First of all, I would like to thank you Mr. Rawles for all of your hard work to keep those of us who choose not to keep our heads in the sand informed. I work for a medium sized credit union in Maryland. I know first hand what a bank run would do to our office. Our policy is to limit cash withdrawals to $3,000 per day per member. We can on occasion accommodate a member’s request for more, but most of the times we require 24-to-48 hours advance notice for any large withdrawals. Even with a $3,000 limit we could only accommodate 100-125 withdrawals of $3,000 [each] before we would be out of cash. I keep an eye on the dollar index regularly throughout the day and plan to take a long lunch once the run begins. (Since Maryland is a gun-hater state I’m not permitted to protect myself.)

If you keep most of your money in financial institutions, there is a very good possibility that you won’t be able to get it when you most need it. And even if you can there will probably be additional limits set in place. More than likely all financial institutions will be ordered to close. Please don’t be foolish enough to believe that once the banks and credit unions reopen that the nice government men will just let you waltz back in to retrieve your money.
Keep up the good work and many blessings to you and your family. Yours in Christ, – Vernon <><