Letter Re: The More Naive Peakniks Need to Learn to Exercise OPSEC

Dear Jim:
I found an interesting article about local Peak Oil preppers. It illustrates to a “T” the naivete of some of the Peak Oil crowd you have mentioned previously.
In the article (“Oil crisis ahead? ‘Peakniks’ build for future”) there is a good balanced coverage of the problem. Featured is a local architectural engineer who is building a sustainable home called “FoodWaterShelter”. His full name, the street he is building on, his current neighborhood, his wife’s occupation, etc., etc., are all put out for public consumption. Heck, he is even in a photo.
It took under a minute to find both of his addresses on the county tax appraisal web site, or the online white pages.

This is bad practice in good times to put yourself in the public eye, as it is a definite risk factor to attract criminals. In bad times, it is terminally naive – has he not given any thought that some who are going without “Food, Water, Shelter” might pay him a visit?

Privacy 101: Have an unlisted number, and contact your local property tax appraisal bureaucracy to be taken off their online lookup. Mention your preps only on a need to know basis.
And don’t get yourself featured in the local paper as the “go to” place for “Food, Water, Shelter” ! – AnonyGuy