Three Letters Re: Frozen Livestock Water Tank Woes

Hi Jim,
I have not tried one of these yet. But it seems like a good idea. – Paul D


I came across this interesting product while surfing the Internet a couple of weeks ago. It is one possible solution to the problem of freezing livestock tanks. The web site also mentions that insulating the sides of the tank helps retain the heat. – Jeff


Good Evening Mr. Rawles;
In reference to the posting regarding heating a livestock tank, please review this web site.

I purchased one of these tubs and stoves several years ago but not for livestock use. I do remember my grandfather having something similar at our farm when I was growing up. When I visit my retreat in the winter and temperatures are in the 0 degree range, I can fill the tub with well water and have it heated to 100 degrees in about four hours. Maintaining the temperature is then relatively easy, albeit the tub is covered with an insulated cover when not in use. Also tubbin’ temperatures are warmer than required for livestock watering temperatures.

As a secondary benefit, I keep the tub full during the non-freezing months as it makes a great back-up source of water.
I am not affiliated with this vendor, just a satisfied customer.

Also, another note to those that use programs like Quicken to track their financial date, putting the 10 Cent Challenge in your Scheduled Transactions, will insure that you keep up to date on the Challenge. It helps me keep my subscription current. Thanks for all of your work on the site. – S.N.