Letter Re: SHOT Show Report

I just returned from the SHOT Show held in down in Mordor (Lost Wages, Nevada.) Here are my top three favorite innovations that I saw there.

1) This product is number one by a long shot. It is a huge monumental leap in technology for night vision. My buddy just back from Iraq fell over when he saw it. SuperVision(tm) Digital Night Vision. Forget the blurry and hazy green from the past. The new generation shows clear blue-gray out to 300+ yards. Its clarity is impressive and the cost is half of the current top offering of night vision. www.xenonics.com for live video.
Downside-only have handheld unit-working on rail mount for front of scope-due soon.

2) A 5 inch by 3 inch water purifier that purifies up to 2000 liters, and costs only $59.95. It fits in the palm of your hand–very small and compact. Made by Middleboro Water, LLC ph. (508) 947-6824

3) A multi-tube Magazine located in fore-end stock of a semi-auto shotgun. When one tube is empty you rotate the stock to engage a new tube. Total capacity is 16 rounds. Made in Meridian, Idaho. See: SRM Arms PDF and Defense Review article. [A hat tip to Ron A., for sending those links.]

Cool factor: Beretta Pistol with 1000 diamonds embedded in the pistol grips. 90 carats total. And of course, a Perazzi shotgun set: a .410, 28, 16 and 12 gauge shotgun set costing a mere $447,000. Pocket change!

The 2008 SHOT Show had 7,000 vendors and new overflow tents in the parking lot. As you can guess I only saw a percentage of the show in two full days. God Bless, – B.