Dip Sealing Tools for Storage

I don’t know if you are familiar with this product already but I thought it couldn’t hurt to bring it to SurvivalBlog readers attention. It is called “Dip Seal” protective removable coatings, peels off like a banana [skin]. It is, from the company’s own description two or three different types of plastic seal, “Type one coatings are the most commonly used for corrosion protection. These coatings leave an oil film on the protected part. A relatively hard coating that is excellent for long-term storage and protection from rough handling. Part numbers, UPC codes, etc., can be easily seen through any of the transparent Type One colors. Recommended dipping temperature for all Type One coatings is 350° F.”

I thought this type of seal could be used as a part of a redundant system of sealing parts, etc. for long term storage. I’ve used the product myself and like it very much. If one is peeling off the seal it’s rather easy not messy at all and leaves no unwanted residue or particles as long as you check to make sure its all been removed. They have different types of seals some with oil and some without, so the user would want to be aware of what was okay or advantageous to seal with which type of Dip Seal product. For what it does it’s a safe product to work with and not pricey either. – John T.

JWR Replies: Thanks for that recommendation. It is a precaution that is particularly appropriate in damp climates. Just be sure to start with tools that are free of rust, since in some circumstances oxidation can continue even underneath dip sealing.