Weekly Survival Real Estate Market Update

The window is opening, but only for a short time.
Consider the life expectancy of King and the Peasant, in times of great peril. Does it really matter who you are, financially? Sure, but not if you’re on the Titanic. You see, there are those out there both rich and poor that take their preparedness seriously, whether they research skills and topics till dawn’s early light or proactively practice with their supplies and equipment, but it will be all for not, because they are sailing on the Titanic. The only difference is the cost of their cabin! But either way the ship is slowly heading towards that proverbial iceberg.
The Titanic represents the lack of action relating to actually purchasing either a retreat or a secure storage property to pre-position supplies, and the iceberg is the possible global collapse of the US Dollar that is about to rear its’ ugly head along with a ‘not if, but when’ incident/disaster. I can’t tell you how many fellow preparedness folks I know that are simply going down with the ship! As JWR has stated many times in SurvivalBlog that you may not be taking anything but your B.O.B. with you should a major incident happen in CONUS. Wake up folks! Trust me, I know making the ‘break’ is hard, it took me almost three years to turn away from the ‘fairytale’ land (the People’s Republic of California) where ‘Everything would be okay, I’d make it somehow’ dream had a hold of me. King or Peasant, your money means nothing in times of great peril, only your will to survive and hard work will pay off and I’ll bet your life you’ll never make it a 100 miles in that 28 foot trailer with all your stuff. It’ll be ‘Ambush on Irish’ for you my dear friend. Good luck.

Now that we have passed the normal lemming’s attention span, let’s save your bacon shall we? The opening window, ah yes! I was on a phone call today with some confidential clients and their mortgage broker (thanks for the Titanic analogy MK!) and he had an amazing analysis for not only these clients but for some of you out there as well. No matter your financial resolve (King or Peasant) and as long as you have some equity still in your property (congratulations, I might add) the idea behind taking advantage of the opening window is simple: The Fed just took action that has huge short term benefits for those smart enough to pull the trigger (take advantage of lower interest rates on some fixed rate mortgages), but will most likely and ultimately end in the collapse of the US Dollar and rapid inflation of some proportion.

The key to the strategy MK spoke of is this: Refinance a property and take cash out to purchase your retreat or land/ storage bunker. Don’t encumber the refinanced property more than you feel the market will fall and be prepared to ride out the storm, should it take 10 years for the market to recover. Remember, equity unused is no security at all. Unfortunately, most of us do not abide by Biblical financial principles; otherwise we would not be in this situation in the first place, of ‘owe no man’ and live debt free.
The idea at this point is to transfer equity to your safe haven by using your equity as a tool and have your retreat paid free and clear, if possible. Obviously this will be a more viable option for those financially capable of carrying a larger mortgage on the refinance property for a time, but the satisfaction will come when the retreat needs to be activated and, as in JWR’s novel “Patriots”, you mail off a few years of property tax one day and go on about surviving. If you are blessed with a job that allows you to telecommute each day and maybe fly to the ‘office’ once a month or so I have one question for you: Why are you still living in your current locale? Make the break! Wake up in the morning and hear the song birds sing as you sip your coffee and your mate slowly loads your next magazine for your morning defensive drills. (Oh, I’m sorry I must digress, that’s my life, get yours quick!), not the roar of commuter traffic and shots from the local gang member doing a drive-by occurring at the local stop and rob!
For those folks with smaller portions of equity the advice is similar, but instead of purchasing your retreat, simply buy a few acres and have a secure storage facility built for your supplies. I hear that JWR has a friend that is selling some five acre parcels with secure storage. [See below.]
As we wrap up this week’s update I want to remind you to cancel your seat on the Titanic, research, think, plan, then make your move. Do not hesitate! Whatever you do, do something! Hope to see you here! – T.S.

Huckleberry Ridge: Modestly-Priced Five Acre Retreat Properties Located in North Idaho–between Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene
I have good friend that is selling some very desirable retreat property. Here is the description: Very unique location and terrain yield maximum privacy yet easy access. You won’t find a better combination of affordability, suitability and accessibility anywhere in North Idaho. Grid power and phone available. Defensible features. Very pretty location. Perc tests certified. These three parcels are the only properties located on a well-engineered private fire-code-rated road. All three properties have a nice seasonal creek, lots of trees, and abundant wildlife. Two of the three lots have year-round springs. Lots are also within walking distance of an elementary school and two miles from a fire station. The fire station proximity is very, very rare for retreat properties and means that you will actually be able to insure your home — and at good rates! There is also a very nice public boat ramp only four miles away, for summer fun on the lake.

From these lots you have a lovely view of a forested valley. As far as the eye can see you can’t see another manmade structure — no houses, roads, wires, telephone poles, antennas — nada. Even though these properties are so remote, you can leave your house and be on Highway 95 in less than 5 minutes, in Sandpoint in 15 minutes, and in Coeur d’Alene in 30 minutes.
These lots are available as raw land with prices from $79,500 to $84,500. They’re also available with a secure underground 8’x10′ storage facility; and a private tactical shooting range so you can begin to pre-position your supplies; and begin/continue your firearms training. Prices including secure underground storage facilities and tactical range are from $129,500 to $134,500. On-site security services for your storage facility available. Contact keith@huckleberryridge.com. If you don’t have a local agent, Keith can recommend one. The property is not yet up on the SurvivalRealty.com web site, so for now, here are links to some photographs: Five Acre Parcel #2Spring at Five Acre Parcel #3Spring at Five Acre Parcel #4Road DesignRock Wall on RoadThe Local FirehouseThe Local Boat Ramp – JWR