Letter Re: Counting the Potential EMP Attack Casualties

I am a big fan of your writings but I did have to try to correct a misconception I saw [posited by a reader] on SurvivalBlog. I am an ex-fighter pilot and am well-versed on EMP effects as it did affect my mission at the time. I am now a pilot for one of the major airlines and have been one for about 18 years now. Not all airliners will fall out of the sky as is popularly thought from an EMP. Many airliners still actually fly by cables like the DC 9 and its versions such as the MD 80, 88, and 90. The Boeing 737 has a backup mode that flies the control surfaces (except rudder) by cables, this mode is called manual reversion. Generally, the engines on airliners can still suction feed fuel if the fuel pumps are lost. Navigation is another matter however, I suppose that is where proper pilotage comes in though. A good rule of thumb might be to avoid the European Airbus aircraft in the event of an EMP. If it ain’t Boeing, I’m not going. – Rhino.