Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader “Trickdog” suggested this MSNBC article: The New Money Pit–It started with subprime mortgages. Now owners of McMansions are defaulting, and the effects of the housing bust are beginning to ripple through the economy.

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I generally soft pedal any mention of our Affiliate advertisers, since I prefer to spotlight our paying advertisers. (The ones that you see over in the scrolling banners). But once in a while, an Affiliate puts on a sale that is so attractive that it bears special mention, like this one from TracFone: you can get a reconditioned Motorola phone and two 60 minute airtime cards for just $19.99. Here at the Rawles Ranch we are not inside of a cell phone coverage area (since we are way out in the hinterboonies), but I’m planning to get one of the TracFones from this special offer, just to use when I travel. This is quite a bargain!

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A SurvivalBlog reader has launched a business making fairly realistic combat training targets. These might some interesting training possibilities. But I’m not sure what some of my neighbors will think of them. I suppose that I shouldn’t leave them up on their stands in between shooting sessions.

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Mark C. suggested this article: Commercial Real Estate in U.S. Poised for Price Drop. Mark’s comment: “Just like you predicted with commercial real estate…” The other shoe is indeed about to drop.