The Basics of New Zealand’s Firearm Laws, by SurvivalistSam

New Zealand firearms laws seem rather restrictive when compared to those in the USA but they are generally liberal when compared to Australia’s.
In New Zealand one can own normal firearms such as shotguns and rifles with a normal A class Firearms Licence but for pistols one must acquire a “B” endorsement to that licence.
Even then one must join a pistol club and partake in shooting events at least 12 times a year.
You must also never fire a pistol in any area that is not an approved range and you must store it in an appropriate safe that has been approved by the New Zealand police.

Normal bolt action, lever action, pump action and semi automatic rifles can be purchased by a person over the age of 16 with a regular A class firearms licence.
However in the case of semi autos, one is only allowed to have a magazine capacity of 7 or less for centerfire rifles and and magazine capacity of 15 or less for .22 rifles.
There is, however, no limit on the amount of magazines one can own nor is there any age limit or licence required to purchase magazine(meaning anyone of any age can buy magazines).
There is no magazine capacity limit for bolt, lever or pump action rifles.

If one wants to own a semi auto rifle/shotgun with any of the following features then they must obtain a MSSA (Military Style Semi Automatic) licence:

.Folding or telescopic butt
.Magazine of more than 15 cartridges for .22 rimfire
.Magazine of more than 7 cartridges for others
.Bayonet lug
.Free standing military style pistol grip
.Flash suppressor

To obtain a MSSA licence one must be over the age of 18 and must pass rigorous tests/evaluations conducted by the New Zealand Police.
Also, if you do get a MSSA licence then you must have extremely good safes for all MSSA firearms you purchase.

Basically all shotguns can be purchased with an A class licence except those with MSSA characteristics.

All info for this article has been sourced from The New Zealand Arms Code. – SurvivalistSam