Letter Re: Useful LifeHacker Articles

A recent entry on your blog from ‘Tanker’ gave the link to a video on the Lifehacker web site. The last video he mentioned was made by a poster named KipKay. I have been a fan of KipKay’s for several months. He posts regularly on Metacafe.com. Incidentally, for each video he is paid and he has made approximately $55,000 from his creations. He has several videos that may be of interest to your audience. Below are the links and a brief description of each. Please decide if any of these merit inclusion on your blog. His official web site is www.KipKay.com.

In this video he shows how to turn an ordinary AA Maglite into a laser capable of popping a balloon or lighting a match.

In this video he shows how to make an underwater camera housing for a fraction of what a commercial model would cost. He uses an ammo can, a piece of plexiglas, velcro and marine sealant.

He shows how to make a USB powered cell phone charger.

He shows how to take a cheap flashlight and make a super bright Surefire-type flashlight for ten dollars. He doesn’t give any information about battery life but the final cost is less than ten dollars.

KipKay shows how to double gas mileage (at least in his car).

KipKay shows how to get 6 AAA batteries from one nine volt battery (in case of an emergency).

He has various other videos that are very interesting. KipKay also occasionally posts at Instructables.com which is a fascinating web site in its own right. Regards, – Caesar