Letter Re: The “Sneaky Uses” Books

Let me start with a thank you for such an awesome resource! I’ve finally sent my 10 Cent Challenge [voluntary subscription payment.] I didn’t feel right e-mailing you with this until I got it out. Since finding your site (from the link at] Captain Dave’s Survival Center), I’ve been devouring the info here, as well as “Patriots” (read twice, and I’m starting it for the third time) and the “Rawles Gets You Ready” preparedness course. I’ve also just finished reading “The Alpha Strategy”–that you recommended in both the blog and in the preparedness course. Tremendously eye opening stuff. You’ve radically changed my view on things like firearms ownership, preparedness, and charity. I can’t express with words how much my world view has changed since finding this. Again, thank you.

Anyway, down to business: I’m a computer guy by trade, and while perusing ThinkGeek.com I found two books titled:“Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things” (ISBN: 0740738593) and “Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things” (ISBN: 0740754963). While most of the info contained within is of marginal use, I found “making plastic (and glue) from milk (using vinegar)”, and “making a metal detector from a calculator (using a radio)”. There are other things like adjusting a FM radio to get airline [aviation band] frequencies, and powering a LED with coins, cotton, and salt water. They are fun for the tinkering types, but also give glimpses into how some other things work. There are also sections on emergency survival. Not much new [in those sections], but good info nonetheless.

Thanks for coordinating all this, and keep up the good work! – Nick in Wisconsin