Notes from JWR:

Today, I’m introducing a new SurvivalBlog feature column: “Weekly Survival Real Estate Market Update. This will include general market news, details on recommended retreat locales, and much more. I plan to post it each Friday. It will either be written by Todd Savage (“TS”), or by me (“JWR”.)

SurvivalBlog reader Thad L. recently asked me: “How would you describe your novel? I don’t like most books but I like Tom Clancy novels. Is it that sort of novel?”
My novel “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” is a fast-paced novel, and it does have some “techno-thriller” elements. I did my best to weave a lot of practical and tactical information into the storyline. To illustrate, the following is an excerpt from one of the later chapters in the novel (Chapter 23: Vicissitude) that shows the writing style: