Letter Re: Suitability of Missouri as a Retreat Locale?

Dear Mr. Rawles,
In response to your post replying to ‘Marie R.’ regarding Missouri as a retreat location; here is some information that other families on this blog may find interesting. I’m writing this as someone who has a wide venue of travel and associations across the country. I am a professional trucker, a licensed ham radio operator for over 35 years, and was employed in the defense electronics industry for many years. I have been preparing for TEOTWAWKI here in the mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks for some time.

With no disrespect to your research and personal choice(s) for retreats, one of the best kept secrets for quality living is the Arkansas-Missouri Ozarks. Our attributes have been many in this region for years and some improvement in the dynamics and demographics in recent times. In my opinion, the best area of Missouri is the area south of the I-44 corridor from about Joplin to Union, Missouri then a line south to the west of Poplar Bluff and back across the top of the Arkansas border. I agree with JWR on the population density issue especially considering Kansas City and St. Louis metro areas. Interstate 70 is the worst place to consider a SHTF bugout route (not that I-44 would be a cruise either).

The Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks is becoming a top choice for military and government retirees, combat veterans, and people desiring a wholesome, honest, environment to raise families.
We have 4 true seasons here. Gardens do well as long as you do them in raised beds (rocks we have!!), a natural food supply in wild game,all the fish you can catch, herbal plants, plenty of wood for heating/steam plant generation, natural springs, and of course the biggie, lots of water!

Real estate is still reasonable compared to other areas and more bargains on remote property will be had as the bubble continues to deflate. Within 25 miles of my homestead, I have alliances varying from a retired border patrol officer, numerous Navy/Coast Guard brass, to some persecuted souls of the 1990s patriot movement who survived and moved here. We need more informed, God fearing, like minded people here to help cement the communities. Missouri now has enacted the Castle Doctrine on self-defense and concealed carry is now becoming a reality. Governor Matt Blount has turned the state management/government in a more conservative direction and it appears that the big city liberals have been pushed into the corner. (At least for now.)

Do your research on Ozarks trees, wildlife, plants, culture and history and then come see what it’s about. I think you will be pleasantly surprised regardless of the nuclear downwind issue. In reality, everyone could use a bomb shelter when the time comes. Like all preparedness, it’s a decision. Thank You, – Skytower in Arkansas