Letter Re: Late Blog Posts and Supporting SurvivalBlog

Mr. Rawles:
About noon on Friday, I was starting to write a mean e-mail, because y’all were late in the putting up the blog posts for the day. You see, I’ve been a daily reader of SurvivalBlog since about April of 2006, and I’d gotten used to you putting the posts up like clockwork, right around (or before) midnight for the next day. It has become my habit to read the blog while having my morning coffee and waiting for my employees to arrive. (I run a lawnmower and power tool shop in a fair-sized city in Georgia, and I’m an early riser.) Then a thought struck me: What cotton-pickin’ right do I have to complain about late blog posts, when I haven’t done hardly anything to support the blog, other than just buy a copy of your novel? It wasn’t until your new daily posts weren’t there for a few hours later than usual that I started to think just what my day would be like without reading those posts. Now I’m now sorta glad y’all were late [in posting] on Friday. It made me appreciate what what I’ve been getting free every day for more than a year. And up until that glitch on Friday, you were very consistent. Please accept my apology, and my two-year 10 Cent Challenge subscription payment. (I’m mailing a check before the P.O. closes today.) Sincerely, – Parker