Note from JWR:

I’ve had inquiries from two SurvivalBlog readers in England about my current Six Pack Sale for autographed copies of my novel “Patriots.” Yes, I’m extending the sale offer to SurvivalBlog readers in England. The cost for a six pack mailed to England would be: $121 USD (£61 GBP) via Priority Mail, or $142 USD (£72 GBP) via Express Mail. OBTW, I would actually prefer it you sent your funds via PayPal in Pounds Sterling, so that you don’t have to pay for the currency exchange. And I can certainly use the Pounds in my PayPal account, since I often buy …

Letter Re: Advice on Bear Protection?

Mr. Rawles, I may soon have the chance to take a job with the USGS in coastal Alaska. It will involve some field work, mostly in summer months. What should I carry for defense against bears? Pepper spray? A magnum revolver? For guns, if it makes any difference: I am in my late 30s, I’m 5’11” and weigh 220. I have fairly large hands. Thanks, – Future Cheechako JWR Replies: We live in bear country here at the Rawles Ranch. (Brown and black bears.) It is also mountain lion, moose, and wolf country, but bears are our biggest concern. By …

Two Letters Re: Questions on Blood Clotting Agents

James: See this link for a PDF that provides a short article by two medical doctors concerning the different clotting agents. Anyone contemplating a [blood clotting agent] purchase should read the article. – Bill N. Dear Mr. Rawles, I may be “just a dentist,” but hopefully I can offer some insight into the gentleman’s question regarding ferric sulfate as a coagulant. He is correct that it is a coagulant. I use it every day in a 15.5% aqueous solution to control minor intraoral bleeding (modern dental impression materials and tooth colored filling materials don’t do well in the presence of …

Letter Re: Seeking Advice on Swimming Pool Chlorine for Treating Drining Water

James: I enjoyed reading through these pages describing how to build a biological sand filter for water: It appears to be a great, low tech solution for treating contaminated, diseased or otherwise unclean water for drinking. The “download” link gives very good construction directions, certainly within the abilities of most survival minded people.- jr

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SF in Hawaii recommended this article on midwifery in austere circumstances: Border Patrol Learns “Emergency” Childbirth .   o o o Linked at Drudge: New age town embraces dollar alternative. This trend has implications for post-collapse local economies, based on barter.    o o o Sean M. suggested this article from one of Guns & Ammo‘s spin-off magazines: What Really Happens In A Gunfight? The conclusions from twenty-five years of lethal force investigation.