Note from JWR:

I’ve had inquiries from two SurvivalBlog readers in England about my current Six Pack Sale for autographed copies of my novel “Patriots.” Yes, I’m extending the sale offer to SurvivalBlog readers in England. The cost for a six pack mailed to England would be: $121 USD (£61 GBP) via Priority Mail, or $142 USD (£72 GBP) via Express Mail. OBTW, I would actually prefer it you sent your funds via PayPal in Pounds Sterling, so that you don’t have to pay for the currency exchange. And I can certainly use the Pounds in my PayPal account, since I often buy L1A1 rifle parts from England. My PayPal address is: For those of you that don’t need six copies, individual autographed copies sent to England via Global Priority Mail are still $36 USD or £18 GBP.)