Letter Re: Another Use for Diatomaceous Earth: Curing Bowel Infestations


Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE)–not the swimming pool grade-will flush your system of parasites. In addition, the scientific literature states DE is shown to remove methyl mercury, virus and more.
I “accidentally” cured myself of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) while using it, just in case I had worms. I had been feeding it to my cattle (works great!) and decided to take some myself. No more IBS?
I am no doctor; however, the first thing I would do for ulcers/IBS/Crohns/divertic ailments, would be to dose myself with DE, as I now suspect that microscopic uglies are involved in all bowel disorders due to my results.
“Dirt” cheap from your farm and ranch store (used for a long time to worm sheep/goats/cattle), or in large bags from Internet vendors. As its name suggests-microscopic diatom fossils cut the worms and
their eggs to shreds, or make eggs unable to attach to walls of intestines (will not hurt earthworms).

DE is also great around house for bugs and will kill fire ants-just scoop out and mix it in the ant mound. Expect to pay about a dollar a pound for a ten pound bag.

Mix in water as spray for fruit trees-avoid breathing dust and eye contact.
Use on pets for lice/fleas/mites-put in pet food-1 tablespoon for seven days for dogs under 35 pounds-2 for dogs over to kill internal parasites. An Internet search will show all about it.

Humans: Mix 1 heaping tablespoon per day in water or juice-can take more and more often depending upon ailment.

I think everyone should be on this as an assist during viral outbreaks, [since it is] harmless to humans and animals. Thanks, – Martin P.