Letter Re: Supporting SurvivalBlog

I’d just like to exhort readers to invest whatever modest sum they can in helping to keep SurvivalBlog up and running–stepping up to the Ten Cent Challenge or whatever other means of providing support they feel up to.

There’s nothing else of this type and quality out there on the web, and if folks think that anyone can live on the paltry ad fees you collect for the site, then they are obviously not aware of the details.

It’s to all of our benefit that you have given this your best shot–committing your full attention to making sure your readers get the best advice in survival available. I know well what it must take for you–I am, in similar fashion, trying to keep Safecastle LLC moving forward. It’s a load and a half, and if you don’t have a similarly dedicated and understanding client/reader base to help you with your vision, then ultimately, it can all disappear.

Yes, I’m an advertiser here. You could say I have my own reasons for wanting SurvivalBlog to succeed. But that would be a bit too cynical. My own view is that all of us with a mind to help others prepare are on the same team. There’s a lot of work to do out there, and none of us can make a dent in it by ourselves.
Stay strong and on the path! – Vic at Safecastle