Two Letters Re: Advice on Security for Unattended Retreats

I have parts of my home secured with a trip wire activated pepper spray device called ‘The Burglar Bomb” a.k.a. AB-2000 by Revel Technology Inc. This device with contaminate a 2,000 sq. ft. area when activated, and will most certainly repel all but the most determined. Revel Tech also has a couple more advanced devices that are infrared triggered.

I am not affiliated with the company other than being a satisfied customer. I thought this might be a great non-lethal option for folks that have unattended retreats or pre-positioned storage facilities to secure. Combined with the stealth motion activated digital camera systems [such as those sold by Ready Made Resources], an AB-2000 adds an additional layer of protection.

The company web site has testimonials from customers, as well as details of what each model is capable of. As a side note, they have regularly advertised in Shotgun News for as long as I can remember.
Check them out. – Cowboy255 in Maryland

Dear Jim
I just noticed your advice on Smokecloak. We were the Smokecloak dealers in a number of countries for years, and have just launched FlashFog, our new product that brings up a couple of notches the area denial capabilities of these systems. FlashFog also includes a powerful strobe light that keeps the eye in shock and makes the blinding effect much more powerful. FlashFog also comes at a better price. We just launched FlashFog at the SHOT Show in Orlando, with amazing comments from people who had seen us the year before with Smokecloak
Here is what some people are saying:about FlashFog. Regards, – Alfredo Arias, Arias Tech Ltd.