Special Note from JWR:

The folks that sell preparedness products have reported a sales slump for the past several months, as Americans have gone into “cocooning” mode and curtailed their discretionary spending. (On everything, it seems, except big screen televisions.) Consequently, that has meant that several of our advertisers have scaled back their advertising budgets. We presently have room for several more advertisers, including a special “nailed up” top of the ad stack position–that is, an ad that will stay fixed above all of the scrolling ads. If you contact any potential advertisers, please ask them to get a SurvivalBlog banner ad. My advertising rates are absurdly low, especially compared to magazine ads. The small ads are just $55 per month. If my ad revenues don’t recover soon, I will be forced to go back to a full-time job and I would therefore have to sharply curtail or perhaps even shut down SurvivalBlog. (My other sources of income–mostly from book sales and subscriptions–are not enough to pay even our most essential monthly bills here at the ranch.) We have just 79 loyal Ten Cent Challenge subscribers, representing the nearly 14,000 people that read SurvivalBlog every week. (Subscriptions are entirely voluntary.) I want to specially thank you folks. You know who you are. Thank you very much!