Notes from JWR:

The February “support our troops:” sale on copies of my novel “Patriots” has started off with a bang, with e-mailed reservations and PayPaled orders for more than a dozen copies on the very first day of the sale. I should mention that I’ve also received e-mails from two veterans who recently returned from The Big Sandbox. Both asked if they’d also be eligible for the special pricing. My reply: Yes, indeed! Just send a photocopy of your DD-214 showing that you served in OIF or OEF, or in Bosnia–along with the payment for your book ($12 + $3 postage) to:
Elk Creek Company
P.O. Box 303
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

Otherwise, to qualify for the special pricing , the book orders must be mailed to an APO or FPO address, (Roughly half of the orders that I’m getting are for “gift” copies that will be mailed to relatives that are serving in Iraq, Iran, or Bosnia.) Again, the price is just $12 per copy, plus $3 postage. (That is $10.99 off of the cover price–right near my cost.) OBTW, speaking of supporting our troops, be sure to visit the web site, and “do your bit.” As previously mentioned, some young enlisted troops that are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan get no mail from home, so anything that you can send them–even just a postcard–is appreciated. I now offer a couple of additional payment options for book orders: both AlertPay and GearPay. (I prefer AlertPay or GearPay because they don’t share PayPal’s anti-gun political agenda.) In my experience, AlertPay has a frustratingly labyrinthine account set-up procedure, but GearPay seems much quicker and easier to set up.
Our AlertPay address is:
Our GearPay address is:
Our PayPal address is:

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