Letter Re: Urban Freeway Traffic Gridlock in a Disaster

As Bob B. from the Seattle area stated, the gridlock of freeways is a huge issue, especially in Seattle. I had the unfortunate experience of being on the 50th floor of a large building in Seattle during the earthquake of 2000, and again on Sept. 11th, 2001. I was more prepared for the latter. in the aftermath of the earthquake, I became acutely aware of the fact that Seattle is an island: bridges to get in and out of the city that cross both Lake Washington, and Lake Union. And while there, the entire freeway system is elevated. Not a place to be stuck! Especially considering it’s such a liberal city, full of sheeple.
After that [first] experience, I put to together an emergency bag, and kept it with me at all times when traveling to, from, or in the city (now everywhere.) It consists of my black Gortex shell coat. 60 folded one dollar bills, a Grundig self-powered (hand crank) radio, energy bars, first aid kit (with extra prescription drugs, and pain killers) LED head lamp, water bottle, a hard plastic folded street map of the city and surrounding area, my cell phone (always charged to full) and my favorite caliber Glock in a comfy suede in-the-pants holster, two extra [Glock] magazines in my bag, (each having a situation specific load). Given, it’s not a lot, but if I were to become trapped on “The Island” (Seattle) for most reasons–minus NBC situations–I am confident that I will survive, or escape, with little to no trouble. If nothing else, I have a piece of mind: the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) that my basketball coach instilled in me all those years ago. And with that, and God, I can do anything legal or necessary. – John Denver’s Last Fan