Two Letters Re: Sno-Seal for Boots and Gaiters

Mr. Rawles,
In response to the recent article on Sno-Seal. I have owned several pair of the upper end work boots ( Nicks mostly now, used to wear Whites and even Danners ). I tend to use them a lot through a normal work week and go through a pair about every year and a half (not due to poor workmanship..just rugged work conditions ). Therefore I treat my boots with a lot of love since they cost $350+. I had a gentlemen at a boot store recommend to never use sno-seal, as he claimed it clogs the pores in the leather making it harder to condition the leather. My boot regime is simply this, Pre-warm the boots, apply Obernaufs or Nicks boot wax. Chuck her in the oven on low until it soaks in. Then I use a toilet bowl ring (a cheap source of beeswax) that has been softened and smear it on good. Later in reapplying I tend to reapply the obernaufs as a conditioner and then re-wax. I once had a pair that I just waxed and dried the leather enough to crack it. Also a neat trick I picked up from the folks at Nick’s boots is when you have a new pair of boots and are breaking them in: Carry a spritz bottle of 1/2 rubbing alcohol and 1/2 water. Any tight spots or rub points spray some on that spot, rub it in and walk around. It instantly relaxes the leather. Also people in wooded areas should look into calked (spiked) boots. Better any day of the week than Vibram soles, except on rocks and wet snow. Peace and Grace to you from God our Father, – Eric B. in the Northwest


I melt Sno-Seal into the seams and hard to get spots by using a hairdryer, with good results. – Desert T