Letter Re: Pirate Radio Stations as a Post-TEOTWAWKI News Source?

Alternative news during a crisis could potentially come from unusual sources. There is thriving shortwave “pirate radio” activity in the 6.925-6.955 MHz range even during “normal” times. During weekends and especially on holidays, you can hear many pirate radio broadcasts during the late afternoons and evening. Alternative and sometime simply odd programming abound here. If a crisis occurs, this may be a good source of information as there are quite a few pirate broadcasters located all across the US. (In the UK, the pirates tend to broadcast around 6.200-6.400 MHz.) Some pirates broadcast in upper side band (USB) mode, while others broadcast in AM mode. There is even one that even sends out photos via slow scan television (SSTV)!
More information can be obtained from the Free Radio Network’s message board and on BlackCat Systems Pirate Radio Central Owners of shortwave receivers should check out this part of the spectrum to see what they can hear. – 6xddx6