Letter Re: Some Useful Ham Radio, DXing, and CB Radio Web Sites

Hi Jim.
While reviewing accessories for the MURS radios, I perused my way onto this Ham radio site that is loaded with links to other sites and/or articles on antenna building for literally all of the radio spectrum.Of particular interest is this site for converting an old outdoor television antenna into a 2 meter (144-148 MHz) Yagi (beam) antenna for very little money:

Since many of the readers of SurvivalBlog are interested in communications I feel these other sites would be helpful as well, here are some other useful sites regarding ham and CB radio repairs
Roger Bird

Antennas and design software:
Andrew’s Page
RF Cascade

Prices on used equipment with pictures.

Scanner frequencies by state and city/town.
Lastly, for the real brave do-it-yourselfer here’s a link to a site that outlines how to build a 10 or 24ghz Gunnplexer

Hoping all stays well, – Joe from Tennessee