Letter Re: Solar Charged Walkway Lights –An Option for Battery Charging

Mr. Rawles,
In response to what you wrote in the Blog on Friday, November 24th:
“The system does has some utility. However, except for people that have an alternative power power system (quite uncommon around Washington, D.C.), in a long term TEOTWAWKI, stations will gradually drop off the air one by one because most folks will not be able to recharge their batteries. (Just another reason why every family should have at least a small photovoltaic (PV) power system.) Contact the folks at Ready Made Resources for details on setting up such a system.

I read something a while back on a board that I frequent and thought it was a very useful use of materials at hand, and things having a second purpose. I’m sure not all sidewalk lights use AA batteries but if I buy any I will make sure mine our just for the utility it provides.

Kev started a thread by writing: “Here is a tip on how to recharge AA batteries after SHTF. First you will need a couple of those solar powered sidewalk lights, the kind that are sold at wal-mart like the one below. If you have not taken one of these sidewalk lights apart, all it is is a solar charger and a couple of AA batteries. Leave these out in full sun, take the batteries out over night so they do not get drained, then put the batteries back in the next day, after a day or two of charging they should be good to go. At the very least a small radio or AA flashlight can be used. These lights can also be placed in the bathrooms at night instead of using kerosene lanterns (if the power is off.)”

This is a link to the whole thread. It ends with a review I did for a solar charger.

The Lord bless you and yours, I really enjoy your blog, i look forward to reading it every day. – C.K.