Letter Re: Touring Chernobyl By Motorcycle–20 Years After the Meltdown

Hi Jim,
I just wanted to pass along this web site. I found it while surfing the net and thought you might be interested in the area 20 years after. As a side note I’ve read that some of this story/web site may not be totally factual. Such as she didn’t ride through there alone, but with a tour group, etc. I don’t have any more info, but even if she was with a tour, the readings look actual and so do the photos. Still interesting none the less. Take care, – Tom

JWR Replies: Many thanks. This is of particular interest to me, since I am a Chernobyl “down-winder.” I was on active duty in Stuttgart, West Germany working a Guardrail (IGR-V)/Quicklook mission with the 2nd AEB in the Spring of 1986 when Chernobyl melted down. Both the West German media and the AFRTS intentionally downplayed the fallout risk, to avoid a public panic. I knew enough to avoid dairy products at the time, but I didn’t have access to any potassium iodate. So if I die at an early age of thyroid cancer, you’ll know why.