Letter Re: Product Review on MURS Radios

Hail and well met. – I purchased two of the handheld MURS transceivers from MURS Radios. (A SurvivalBlog advertiser.) First off, they arrived really fast. The shipping only took a few days. They were also packaged very securely. Although you can tell that these radios were used, they do not look abused in any way. I was impressed right off the bat by them. For one thing, they do not feel like a toy in your hand…they have some heft to them. They also came fully charged. In the box along with the radios were the chargers and good directions. I tested the directions by changing one of the frequencies to the weather station and back with no problem at all. As far as range goes, all I can say is that they leave my GMRS radios in the dust, and FRS radios do not even come close. With the stubby antenna that came with the unit, I got almost two miles range in town. And this was with good solid “5 by 5” signals, with no “miffing and muffing.” I have a feeling that with the helical antenna, the range would have been at least another half mile. Considering the wide range of accessories available for these units (including AA battery packs) they are going to be my new group standard. In closing let me just say that as an Extra Class ham, I have used Kenwood products before, and they have never let me down. The TK-2100s (or TIK-21s as I refer to them) are no exception. These babies are great radios. And with the “MURS Alert” system, they are fantastic! – Gung Ho