Letter Re: 12 VDC Wall Outlets and Power Cord Connections

For anyone using 12 VDC in their vehicle or home, you should strongly consider using Anderson Power Poles. Compared to the standard cigarette lighter plug, these are far more reliable and safer. (Cigarette lighter plugs have no uniform rating, and can melt if used for high [current] load applications.)
These connectors come in ratings from 30 Amps (A) to 350 Amps. The 30A size is the de-facto standard for Ham radio operators now, and the larger sizes are what you see used for things like large battery racks in computer rooms and tow truck jumper cables.
They are easy to install, using a soldering iron or special crimp tool, and they last. Additionally, there is no male or female, as the blades are flat and wipe against each other, unlike a regular spade or butt connector.
I have changed out the cords on all of my 12V chargers, inverters, and other devices. You can make an adapter cable with a cigarette lighter on one end in case you do need to plug something in to a car socket.
To make a 12V wall-mount outlet, you can buy a chassis-mount power pole holder, then cut a hole in a regular house wall plate and pop it in. When installed, it looks neat and tidy.
Chassis mount:
Here are some tutorials on using them:
Remember to to either fuse your 12 volt circuits or install a breaker panel. A quick way to set up a 12V fuse box is with the Rig Runner. (Westmountainradio – Rig Runner.)
If you install a 12V breaker panel, be sure to check if the breakers are rated for DC. Some breakers do not trip properly if used for DC. You can order DC-rated breakers from most alternative-energy stores if you can’t find out for sure. Good luck! – JN