Special Note from JWR:

I am pleased to report that the new expanded 33 chapter edition of my survivalist novel “Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse” is finally now orderable from the publisher, XLibris. Sorry about the long delay, but the publishing process is agonizingly slow.

Until recently, the earlier 31 chapter edition of the book from Huntington House had been out of print, and it was getting very scarce. Prices range from $29 to $345 each! (The book went out of print when the publisher went out of business.) Now is your chance to order a few copies of the new edition in time to present them as Christmas gifts. The cover price is $22.99. You can order them at 15% discount ($19.54 + postage) by ordering directly from XLibris.

The new edition has larger print and is in a slightly larger format than the old edition. (The new edition measures 6″x9″ The old edition measured 5-1/4″ x 8-3/8″.) The page count of the new edition is also slightly higher. (It is 384 pages versus 342 pages in the old edition.) If you are curious about the content difference between the two editions: The two new bonus chapters are an introduction to the Keane Brothers.

The ISBNs for the new trade paperback edition are:
ISBN 13: 978-1-425734-07-7
ISBN 10: 1-4257-3407-3 (To explain: The new ISBN system uses 13 digits, but the old 10 digit numbers can still be used during the transition period.)

Starting January 10, 2007, I will be selling autographed copies for $18.99 + $3.01 postage. ($22 each, postage paid, or $21 each if you order 2 or more, or $20 each if you order 3 or more.) Because of upcoming travel plans, I cannot fill any orders directly until January. If you need a copy before late January, then please order directly from the publisher: XLibris.

Are you a book dealer, or do you know of one that might want to stock my novel? Case lots (of 26 copies per case) are available directly from the publisher, with a 40% dealer discount, or a 50% to 60% wholesaler discount, (The discount is based on the quantity ordered.):
E-mail: Orders@Xlibris.com
Fax: 610.915.0294
Telephone: 1.888.795.4274 x.479
Snail Mail: Xlibris Corporation; International Plaza II; Suite 340; Philadelphia, PA 19113