Letter Re: Jungle Rot and Silver Socks

I read with interest the UK government’s interest in silver impregnated undergarments for their soldiers. I just ordered 10 pairs of the socks from REI. You can search for x-static which is a brand of silver impregnated material. Underwear is also available trade, name Medalist Silvermax Boxer Briefs. OBTW, I just found silver socks at The Sharper Image for less. They aren’t liner socks but they look useful.
If we are going to be hiking for long periods without the ability to wash our clothes, this could be a real boon. Ask a Vietnam veteran about jungle rot if you want more details on what can happen to your feet if hygiene is not optimal. If a person gets a case of athlete’s foot and there are no anti-fungal medications available, it will likely be a lifetime infection. – SF in Hawaii