Letter Re: The Tiny Homes Concept

I was browsing thru one of the much-visited “preparedness” newsgroups, and saw a link to the Tiny Homes web site. Needless to say, I am unable to personally buy into that sort of thing, however, but perhaps you and/or a great-many people who read the/your blog may find some use from that site. Cabins as small as 10 x 12 foot, easily (diesel-powered pickup of medium to upper sizes) towable, wired, etc., etc.,…. think of the possibilities. – Ben

JWR Replies: Being a well prepared individual is unfortunately synonymous with a lot of logistics. Just ask any for the SurvivalBlog readers that have moved recently. All of that stuff takes space. But if you have secure, vermin proof, adjunct storage space–such as CONEX–then the Tiny Homes concept might be practical for a retreat in a safe (presumably “looter free”) area. .